How It Works

Online Market for Business Recycling

RecycleConnect helps to transform commercial waste into value by converting one company’s waste stream into useful materials for another.


  • FREE listing - no risk to you and your company, create a free listing today

  • Performance Based - we only get paid a small % once a deal is facilitated

  • Top market prices - cross-industry marketplace allows you to get the best prices for your materials

  • Facilitate Deal - takes the risk out of selling waste material, from payment to logistics we do it all on your behalf

  • Cradle to Grave - if there is a solution to your problem out there we will find it for you

  • Creating Value - get paid for materials previously removed by Waste Management

  • Environmental Branding - up your green credentials by minimising waste

  • Confidential - we keep you and your company confidentia


Sample material listings

Rubber , Rubber Foam, 50 000kgs per month

Chemical, ABC, 90 000 l per week

Metal, Steel Hubs, 200kgs per month

Building material, Used ceiling tiles, 2000 units once off

How RecycleConnect charge for its services

RecycleConnect will facilitate a solid connection and sale of materials to assure good business practice and ongoing business where possible.

Upon a successful connection being made for your waste material or recyclable, RecycleConnect receives a fee of 10% commission for one year and 5% thereafter on a sale of waste/recyclables.

Or a R200/ton fee for connecting you with a company that can reuse the waste and divert the materials from a landfill (much lower than average landfill costs of R600/ton!).There is a R2000 minimum fee.

There are no fees for Buyers, including no Buyer premiums, the buyer bears all the transport costs.


Why use RecycleConnect?

  • Performance Based – we only get paid when you make a connection
  • Speed, Quality, and Integrity in our business with you
  • Confidentiality – we keep you and your company confidential until a connection is identified
  • Save money – find a connection to avoid spending money to put materials into the ground
  • Huge environmental branding and messaging opportunities for your business through diverting your materials