What is RecycleConnect Marketplace?

We are an online marketplace for business recycling.

RecycleConnect Marketplace offers a comprehensive online marketplace for business waste. Our services help transform commercial waste into value by converting one company’s waste stream into useful raw materials for another.

RecycleConnect Marketplace is a place for:

to convert waste, by-products and excess stock into revenue, and

to efficiently source cost effective solutions for their business needs

Why join the RecycleConnect Marketplace?

Increase sales and grow your business while efficiently reducing waste.

What can RecycleConnect Marketplace do for you?

Provide access to an extensive online network of like-minded businesses.

Deliver hassle-free end-to-end solutions, including quality control, reliable delivery, safe payment methods and returns.

Offer scalable solutions regardless of business size.

Create sustainable value for your business through a circular economy of waste management.

Takes the risk out of buying and selling waste material, as we do it all on your behalf.

Value for Sellers

Free “FOR SALE” advertising of your available waste.

Find alternative markets both locally and abroad for material currently not selling.

Get best market prices for your material through access to multiple industries.

COD terms for your sales.

Create value for previously discarded material.

Avoid waste disposal costs by find recycling options for your waste material.

Improve your environmental branding and impact by minimising waste and diverting your materials from landfill.

Up to date tracking of the stock you are selling.

Value for Customers

Free “WANTED” advertising to your exact requirement.

Access to quality verified and controlled recycled material to match your application.

Ready identification of available recycled stock across a broad cross-industry marketplace.

Secure cost effective alternatives to virgin grade through our ability to match quality of recycled material to the equivalent virgin grade.

Deliver cost savings direct to your bottom line by using alternatives to virgin material not normally found in recycled grades.

Safe and reliable transactions managed through a third party.

How does the process work?


  • Post free ads on the platform, creating listings based on their availability and needs.


  • Creates a solid connection, by identifying a legitimate match between a Supplier’s material and a Customer’s requirement.
  • Coordinates transfer of material samples, to verify quality for the Customer’s specific application.
  • Assists sellers on securing optimal pricing for the material, based on quality, demand and frequency of supply.
  • Facilitates prompt payments via an escrow process.
  • Manages the logistics, by arranging collection, transport and delivery.

Become a RecycleConnect Marketplace member today

  • Free registration

  • Free advertising

  • Small performance based fee*

    Once a transaction is facilitated
  • No additional fees

    for Suppliers or Customers
  • No subscriptions

  • No funny business

What you get


We keep your and your company’s details private.

Business Development

We can plan recurring business as per your needs.

Ongoing Communication

We keep your and your company’s details private.


Speed, quality and integrity in all our business.

How RecycleConnect Marketplace charges for its services

*Only once a transaction takes place does a success fee come into play. Success fee comprises transport to customer, logistics, transaction processing, customer support and the online platform.

This fee is typically 5-10% mark-up on the selling price. Exact fee depends on the specific commodity being sold, the logistics involved in delivery, and scarcity of material.

Where warehousing and long haul logistics are involved, it doesn’t affect the seller’s selling price.

Our success fee outperforms even the leanest in-house sales teams and freelance sales agents, who are unable to compete with our extensive market network and online platform.

Please enquire about our add-on services

Compound and blends

We can tailor a recycled material that is blended and compounded according to your needs

Reprocessed material

We are able to find superior markets for your waste streams by reprocessing the material into a form with a LineSpaceroader market demand.

Recycled designed for products

Based on the product you are manufacturing, we are able to offer various recycled grades which might work for your application

Commitment on supply

Based on your on-going needs, we’re able to keep regular stock. This allows you to focus on production, while having access to reliable supply which is not often achieved with recycled material.