Case Studies

Never “not recyclable” – R12M Auto parts reused

A large auto-parts manufacturer was sending 75 tons per month of unusable weather stripping to a landfill. They had been told countless times it was “not recyclable”. a small company requested samples, did some R&D, determined he could retool his equipment to separate the metals from the rubbers and plastics, and even lined up financing to be able to make those changes. The results? An estimated R12 million in value was discovered that otherwise would be buried in a landfill at the cost of the environment.

Industrial Chemicals – Chemicals as an Input for Biofuels

A company had Sodium Methylate chemicals that could no longer be used in their manufacturing process. They were concerned about the costs and the environment impact of disposing of the chemicals in a landfill. a connection was made, avoiding the costs of disposal in a landfill as well as finding an environmentally responsible reuse of the materials to make clean energy.

Green Building – Glass Windows from a Building Upgrade

An Energy company underwent a retrofit of their high-rise headquarters. They had 1000 exterior glass windows that were not acceptable to their existing recycling partner. A connection was made and sold the materials to a company that processed the glass to make countertops and tile. A further solution was found for a smaller volume of interior glass that a local artist will re-use for paintings and furniture.

Manufacturing By-Product – Polyester Textile Waste From a Manufacturing Plant

A paint roller manufacturing plant was looking for a new partner to match their mixed polyester waste that was a by-product of their manufacturing process. The company had post industrial polyester textile waste in bales weighing 300 kg each and the bales consisted of loose multi-colored polyester fiber combined with small amounts of fabric waste that contained a PVA coating. The company was generating approximately 40 bales per week. A connection was made of the manufacturing waste with a company that produces environmentally friendly materials that are used in the automotive and construction industries. This connection provided a positive environmental and financial impact for both companies by minimizing the waste going to a landfill.

Packaging Reuse – Foam Packaging Reuse

A manufacturing company receiving materials for their assembly process was sending 40 plastic foam sheets a day from their inbound supply chain partner to the landfill. They were able to find two local companies that was able to reuse the packing materials – diverting the closed cell foam sheets from the landfill and helping to achieve their sustainability and zero waste goals.